Hello, hardworking learner of Hungarian as a foreign language!

Have you been learning Hungarian for a little while now and perhaps even submitted your documents for Hungarian citizenship?

Would you like to start using the language to reconnect with your ancestors’ culture and have fun whilst you are doing so?

Instead of memorizing grammar tables and working your way through exercises, would you like to learn the language through fun cultural activities and events?

If yes, you are at the right place!

Our Story

Our small team of friendly, professional teachers has been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language and preparing learners for their Hungarian citizenship interviews since 2010 – for a whole decade!

If you are one of our current or previous learners, you know we adore teaching Hungarian and holding your hands on this journey – but once you finish our programme and pass a language exam or submit your application for Hungarian citizenship, you may not want to stop learning.

And why should you?

  • By this point, we have managed to infect you with a love for this weird and wonderful language,
  • By this point, you have spent many hours learning grammar, vocab and working on your listening comprehension, so you might want to have fun with the language,
  • By this point, you might feel: if I’ve come this far, why should I stop here?

If this is you, come and join us in the membership!

Adam Feldenkris
Recruiter - Google Cloud
New York

Couldn't recommend HLS highly enough!!!

I took their course to learn Hungarian for my Simplified Naturalization process. All of the teachers are not only experts at teaching Hungarian, but all incredibly kind, friendly, open-minded, and helpful. With the help of their course, I went from no Hungarian to passing my interview in about 6 months.

Renata, Lidia, and team - I am so grateful for your help in achieving this goal!

Leanda Wood
Leanda Wood Educational Consulting, Zürich

Renata and the team are friendly, patient, innovative teachers. They are very professional and you get excellent value for money with their services. I highly recommend.

Michael Varga
Professional baseball
player and coach

Getting on board with Hungarian Language Solutions has easily been one of the best decisions I have made in the past year. The instructors, Renata, Lidia, and Co. are finely tuned in their craft, and bring palpable levels of passion, enthusiasm and investment into teaching their students.   Hungarian Language Solutions perfectly balances the roles of professionalism and friendliness in a way that optimized my ability to exceed my language goals in a short amount of time. Nothing but the highest level of recommendation for these ladies and their work!

What's included in the membership?

Monthly pronunciation pod with Edit:

Your favourite Hungarian literature and drama teacher guides you through those beautiful vowels and double digit consonants with the help of Hungarian poems and songs.

Edit’s smile is infectious – come and experience it!

Citizenship coffees and gossip with Lídia:

Hungarian citizenship is for life!

Even after submitting your documents, you want to keep using the language so that you can stay in touch with your family’s Hungarian heritage and pass it on to your children.

During these sessions, Lídia will help you to do just that through fun and interactive sessions. 

Film club with Renata:

Films provide you with an important insight into Hungarian culture.

First, Renata gives a short cultural background explanation and we learn useful vocabulary, then we watch the film together and to round it off, we will have a short session chatting about the film in English / Hungarian!

Culture coffees: 

Bring your coffee (or choice of beverage (: and join Lídia once a month to learn about important events and people. 

Looking after our lovely members: 

Just like with our Hungarian Citizenship Course, our fantastic colleague Julia is here to support you and answer your questions. 

Community and inspiration: 

Because you are not on your own on this journey! There are a lot of people at a similar level to you and you can be a huge source of inspiration to each other. During the free events we delivered these past couple of years, we saw learners inspiring each other, helping each other and friendships started to form. If you are looking for community and inspiration, our Virtual Campfires are just the thing you need!

Library of resources:
We have started uploading our favourite resources for our members to use in their own time.
These include:



recordings of membership events and vocab lists, so that even if you were not able to join us live, you can watch the session you missed and memorise the words,


Tips & Tricks

our tips and tricks for learning Hungarian,



videos of citizenship conversations we acted out,



fun games and other activities.

An ever-growing library of resources  (please bear with us as we are just getting started and continuing to add to the library over the coming months!)


It’s very normal to feel like this when you are just starting to learn a new language. As teachers, we can help you a lot, but for that, one-on-one tuition or a small group of four people is more ideal. In the membership, we have bigger events, where 10-20 or more people chat with each other and the teacher.

We would love to help you on your citizenship journey, but again: one-on-one tuition or our small group of four people might be more ideal for you. Please check out our main website for more info, or contact us and we can have a chat about citizenship.

Recordings and class notes will be shared with all of you: you will have your own passwords to our membership site and everything will be saved there for you to use in your own time.

If you have been working with us for a little while, you know how much we value your trust and how important client care is for us. With our new membership, we would like to put our 110 percent into serving you as founding members so there will be a cutoff number: we will be able to work with the first 40 people only.

We have a lot more info and testimonials on our website and on our FB page. Please come and have a look!

Your satisfaction is very important to us!

If you change your mind within the first 30 days of your membership, we will happily give you your money back.

In the past ten years’ of business, this only happened once, but we want you to know the option is there, so you can sign up safely!